Author Topic: Arnold Flip R and G  (Read 134 times)

Hi everybody, it's my first post and just started using all the substance programs, so far I'm learning quite quick and really impressed with the results overall, but I'm still very confused about a function in Arnold render.

I use Maya 2020 with Arnold 6. All the tutorial I see around, they always say to untick the Flip R and G channel on the bump node for the normals. When I do so with the textures exported from Painter using the preset for Arnold 5, it works as expected, I'm guessing that the preset it's set to work for OpenGL, as Maya work.

But when I start using the substance plugin inside Maya for sbsar created in Designer or Alchemist, I'm very confused. The plugin creates the network and keeps the R and G flip ticked, some times it seems correct, but sometimes no, and at times it seems to be correct flipping only the G, and other, none at all.

What the proper way to set those settings? I noticed the settings in Designer regarding the default normal map format, I've set it to OpenGL.

Hopefully, somebody can give me some help.

Kind Regards,