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I got that right from Steam.  So sounds like it needs to be updated and corrected.

They need to show it properly then as it said Sept 2017 is all I seen. and I own all your products all versions.

If Designer 6 is June 2018.. Then great that is fair of course.  that is what I'm talking about as it looked as if it was months later... Since Designer came out a few months back.... So so please correct your emails. Then. Maybe it missed the Substance Designer 6 knowing I own it maybe?

This is more than just a slap in the face. Not only was this change implemented without any hint, it also does not work as advertised. It's questionable if the business practice of changing the contract between you and your users in this way is even legal in most countries, especially here in Europe. Anyway, since I'm not going to take any legal actions that point it moot. I just want my perpetual licenses and then forget about this sh*t!

I'm very angry extremely disappointed about the way this was handled, but still willing to pay $49 to get perpetual licenses of the tools.

But it does not work and it seems that my accumulated subscription months are now "gone", probably wasted.

I was following these steps and before doing it my account clearly listed 27 months of payment:

    - if you have been paying for more than 12 months (for example 18 months), when you click on "Cancel" you will have an option "Do you want to own the software for $49?"
                - Yes: you will own a license of Substance, meaning SD + SP + B2M. This means you can own the software for $290 (12 x 20 + 49) after 1 year, compared to $320 (16 x 20) today after 16 months with Substance Live.
                - No: you just quit

And I got no question about converting my license for $49. I had 27 months accumulated and now it only shows "Cancelled by user" on my profile and no mention of the 27 months anymore.

How do I get my perpetual licenses now?

I have to say this was not just poorly communicated, but the fact that it doesn't even work makes this one of my worst subscription experiences ever. It's a shame, because I was quite happy in the past to tell my coworkers about the awesome subscription model that Live was and that is now completely invalidated.

Hi Michael,

There is nothing lost or wasted, and I answered you regarding your payments by email, as it's a private matter.

We communicated about this change by sending several emails directly to the users. I'm sorry if you feel it was not enough, we will try to improve it next time.

Regarding your other concerns: Substance Live was "rent-to-own", but it allowed you to get the PREVIOUS versions of the software.
If you wanted to use your accumulated payments, you would have gotten for example Substance Designer 5, not 6.
This means all your current files would not have been compatible, and it thus didn't make sens to go on in this way.

I'd like to remind that Substance Live was not a "credit plan": it was a monthly payment, giving benefits when you had been paying for more than 16 months. With the new system, we brought those benefits after 12 months.
The fact that you paid 16 or 24 months didn't have any advantage in the previous rent-to-own system, and it's the same way in the new one.

You should see it in this way:
- you get access to the latest versions of the software as long as you are subscribed
- when you want to cancel, if it's been more than 12 months, we give you the possibility to get a license of the software so you can still work on files.

Head of Product Management

Thanks for answering and helping so quickly.

This issue was sorted out via mail. Still not super happy about the result, but I got my perpetual licenses and consider this issue solved.

Hello! How I can renew my maintenance? There is no link in My Licenses page.
Thank you.

You should click on the Upgrade button at the bottom of the Buy page.

You will have 2 offers:
- subscribe to Substance
- purchase 12-months upgrade for $75

Head of Product Management

Nicolas Liatti, thank you.


I'm glad you did, but I did not... 

I'm fine with it now, since the developer contacted me and explained it further. So I'm good with what they did regardless..

But just like games, I hate when people SAY they got something, I'm happy for you, but they don't mean everyone got it.....  Just like a bug in a game, as a game developer, do you say,well, I don't have that issue???  I mean cmon, bugs happen, mistakes happen....I know what I read....I didn't have that info at that time.

But the developers where so kind to contact me and explain it to me, and I was happy to here how its handled..

You should click on the Upgrade button at the bottom of the Buy page.

You will have 2 offers:
- subscribe to Substance
- purchase 12-months upgrade for $75


WOW surprised this post was still going, I have not checked it in awhile......anyways the developer contact me back then....and I'm fine with how it works and understand how it works, I didn't all of the info at that time...... Thanks again for the help for explaining it to me...

First time I had a developer email me with my concern...Thanks a ton....Keep up the awesome support...

I have had substance painter since beta, and paid for Substance painter 2 because I saw that the new features were going to be good, (same with Designer 4,5,6  since MapZone etc.) But being an indie generalist, I don't use Painter all that often and prefer the perpetual licence for this reason. I thought it was pretty silly that I saw some new features that I wanted to try out, only to find out that my "maintenance" had expired.
Now I have upgraded the maintenance only to find out that there is Substance painter 2018 on steam, since I still only have substance Painter 2 do I have to buy 2018 as well?

Sorry, now I think I understand, Substance Painter 2 is going to be updated to 2018 as long as you have valid "maintenance", but currently if you own on steam it isn't updated.

Is that right?

Also, these new features are in 2017 updates but after the cutoff for the maintenance, which is pretty crappy, why not wait for substance 2018 release? This is probably why people are feeling a little bit ripped off.

The new system gives you one year of free updates no matter when you buy your maintenance/license.
The 2017/2018 naming is only a way to keep track of the different updates but they are not "locked" to a specifc  license, like Autodesk software are for example.
Unfortunately the Steam licensing APi is not open enough to let us do that, so on Steam, it's still good old "per year" licensing model.

Unfortunately the Steam licensing APi is not open enough to let us do that, so on Steam, it's still good old "per year" licensing model.

Huh, I bought designer on steam and the last time I renewed was also through steam. Yet Designer updated automatically to 2018 when it came out without needing to buy a new version.
I did link my steam license to my allegorithmic account though, so is that a way to still get regular maintenance on a steam license?

I've had to pay for the upgrade on the Allegorithmic website (because I never heard or received the alleged steam upgrade discount coupon). And then ask for a new licence for Substance Painter 2018 on Steam. All of this seems to be overly complicated, why not just release the new version to everyone that bought the perpetual licensed software, I know that the option is there to not get updates if you don't need them, but also some of the new features we have been expecting since SP2 release and then like the live link one it turns out to be quite limited in capability.   

This might be a bit off-topic but for some reason, my monthly subscription didn't get sent last month afterward when it tried to get money from my paypal again it failed since I didn't have money to pay it. I lost one month or more of payment without notice. I really wish there was a way to send the money myself instead of waiting for the automatic payment. I don't have a license to work with now and it's drawing me and my work back quite a lot. This is really frustrating!! When will the automatic payment try to take money again or should I cancel my subscription and make another one?

Nvm, I sent an email directly to for clarification. It's still frustrating tow.
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