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Hi Everybody,

I am having massive issues getting the substance plugin to work properly in Maya. Whatever I try, I can't get the "Create Shader Network" button to create a network, that also contains a "aiStandardSurface" node, that I can assign to an object, as you can see here:

I also get some cryptic error messages in the script editor:

Currently I am using Maya 2019.2 with the plugin that ships with it:

In my opinion these settings shouldn't cause any issues, but just to be sure, these are the substance settings I am using:

Did anybody have a similar issue? Is there something I am missing from my side?
Any help would very welcome.

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I did a complete clean reinstall (default preferences) of Maya 2019.2 and installed the latest substance 2.0.3. and still have the same issue.

also in Maya 2018.6 with plugin 2.0.3 the same error appears (even though the Substance version shipping with Maya was working) 

Any idea what could be the issue would be really appreciated  :-\

Thank You!

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Hi Again,

I still don't know what is causing the problem, but I (with the help of a programming colleague) was able to find a quick fix:

In this file : "C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance in Maya\2019\plug-ins\substance\maya\core\" simply comment out the variable "$res" causing the issue by "//" like this:

def acquire_hypershade():
    """ Gets the hypershade object from Maya, returned as a string """
    return maya.mel.eval('global string $gHypershadeNodeEditor;'
                         '//string $res = $gHypershadeNodeEditor;')

I don't know if it causes any other issues down the line, but for now it works for me  8)

It looks like we'll have to change how that piece of mel code is handled. We'll look at fixing this in the next patch release.
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FYI, I have the same bug in Maya 2020 and the same fix works.