Author Topic: Any current for future improvements for 2D editing tools?  (Read 766 times)

My normal SP process is to use Fill layers with a layer mask to control where each layer is used. In that sense, it seems I spend the majority of my time editing layer masks. As such, I feel like the current tooling for editing 2D layer masks feels very limited. I figured I'd ask if anyone knows of some clever ways to use the tool to edit layer masks that I don't yet know about, or if there are possibly any future plans to improve the experience.

Right now, there are four main ways to edit a layer mask:
  • Paint
  • Erase
  • Polygon Fill
  • Smudge

My current process generally involves using Polygon Fill for the big pieces, then switching to Erase or Paint for the fine details. I feel like I'm constantly painting/erasing, then undoing if it's not quite right, over and over again. Very often I want fairly simple behaviors, as far as an algorithm would be concerned, which are difficult to perform by hand. These include:
  • Growing/Shrinking a selection - Lets say I've painted a rectangle into the layer mask, I often want to just make that shape larger or smaller. In a 2D editing tool, this would be a simple select and scale operation, but in SP I just have to draw/erase by hand.
  • Drawing straight lines - Currently, I can draw a point, then hold Shift and click somewhere else, and it will draw a line between the first and second points. I use that all the time. But it has two really frustrating issues: First, if I draw a line like that, and it's not correct, I'll Undo to get rid of the line, and I'll try again. But now the "first" point has changed to the most recently point, so I can't keep trying to get the line just right. I draw from A to B, undo, now the start point is B, and I need to draw from B to A. I wish that when I undo a draw, it also returns the line start point to where it was when I started. Second, if I click somewhere, then move/zoom the UV Map or model at all, the point moves with it, instead of staying on the original position on the model/map. This means any time I want to draw a line like this, I have to make sure I don't zoom. This makes it much harder to draw long lines.
  • No lasso/shape tools - I constantly wish I could outline a region, like with a selection tool, and only fill it when I've got it the way I want. I want something as simple as drawing a rectangle with an arbitrary height/width. I know I can assign an alpha to the paint tool, but that's not the same as dragging a selection/shape rectangle.

Anyway, the big question is whether there's anything I'm missing about editing layer masks, to make it feel more like editing an image in photoshop?