Author Topic: Really stupid question concerning tiling  (Read 2254 times)

I have a really stupid question about exporting a SBSAR file from Alchemist, importing that into Painter, and about tiling. I have never used Alchemist before, so forgive my ignorance.

If I import the SBSAR-file into Painter, assign it as a material to an object, and then tile it (increase UV scale), the tiling becomes really apparent the more I increase the tiling. I was under the impression that the materials were generated procedurally, meaning it would be possible to just have the material generated without tiling in all directions infinitely.

That is incorrect, right? I have whats in the current view in Alchemist as a texture and thats it, and can only export exactly what I see there on the square plane, and tile that. It is not a somehow generated 'tile-less' material, like e.g. a procedural noise that can be tiled without the tiling becoming visible. If you understand what I mean...


It all depends on how you created your material.
If you start from images (one or several), it won't tile automatically. You have dedicated filters like "Tiling" to make your material tiles.
If you're blending procedural materials from Substance Source and using procedural filters inside Alchemist, your material should tile but it's not 100% guaranteed.

You have in Alchemist several ways to see if your materials tiles:
- Press T in the 2d view to tile the textures and see (or not) the seams.
- In the bottom right of the viewport, you can increase the tiling of the material on the 3D mesh by increasing U and V.

I hope it helps you!
Substance Alchemist Product Manager