Author Topic: Global Search and ParamCopy plugins for Substance Designer  (Read 1641 times)

Hi, I recently released two plugins for Substance Designers which may help in your workflow:
  • Global Search (Gumroad/Artstation) provides extended search capabilities, lets you search for terms into multiple packages/graphs/folders/functions at a time including package functions. It also handles specific types of searches such as searching for which nodes have parameters driven by functions, or where are temporary or left-to-work-on items. Can also help in finding cooking errors related to usage of variables in particular in package functions.
  • ParamCopy (Gumroad/Artstation) lets you copy/paste parameter values between nodes and also store/recall the states of multiple nodes (variations). This way you can test or demo specific combinations of settings for various nodes then restore an earlier variation, or combine various variations you would have created for different sets of nodes.

The below video is an overview/tutorial for ParamCopy:
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