Author Topic: Why are there different resolutions in SD After exporting from Alchemist?  (Read 970 times)


Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.  I recently created a material in Alchemist following a tutorial and exported the material in to Substance Designer to see how it would transpire, and I noticed that export resolution at 2048 was only on the bitmaps and the transforms came in at 256?  I ended up changing them to match the 2048 and am curious why they came in at that resolution when I exported the material in Alchemist at 2048?

Please advise and see attached picture showing the different resolution nodes.



Did you set the parent size to 2048*2048 in Substance Designer?

The transform nodes are set in "relative to parent" to downscale or upscale depending on the resolution you want.
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I simply started SD then opened the exported .sbs from Alchemist in SD.
Now it seems that a conversion is going on in SD via transform that must be set to
Parent after opening Alchemist exported .sbs in SD?
Please confirm.

In addition, would I expose the Alchemist created parameters in SD via the bitmaps or transforms or both?

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Hi Baptiste,

I guess I was expecting the resolution to carry over from Alchemist and simply setting the parent to same resolution of the exported Alchemist .sbs worked!

Thanks again!