Author Topic: RGB 255 Colour Input / 'Select All' for Shelf Imports  (Read 1304 times)


I'm new to Substance and am loving how flexible and easy it is! Thank you very much for creating it!

Some suggestions that I hope you find helpful:

1) 255 values for colour picker - I've found just on the first project, I'm often having to use the calculator to convert values to 0-1 - would be great to be able to enter 255 values in directly. Esp when keying in metals albedo values.

2) Importing multiple items to shelf - eg alphas I had 50 and had to tick 'alpha' for each one - woudl be great to have a 'apply to all' button like on Baking

3) A 'delete' option to a shelf item would be very useful too.

Thank you!