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I am trying to use color ID mask to select certain areas of the texture.
But I always get terribly jagged egdes no matter the rez of the bitmap/mask. Color to Mask node's settings doesn't help, too.
So how do I get perfectly clean selection/mask?

Here's example of BEFORE selection (no jagged edges), and after selection (jagged edges appear):

Thank You.

That's the expected result. Normally ID maps are rendered without anti aliasing, so it is either blue or red, but nor purple.

When extracting a mask, a pixel can only be part of one color.
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Actually, maybe we can improve the result, I'll take a look.
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If you're specifically using red green and blue for your id's you could just separate the channels (rgba-split node)

For the color to mask node it would indeed be nice to have some extra control like a color range and threshold slider similar to the replace color node.

Here is an improved version (where the mask range and smoothness are actually doing something .. ;) ).

It's "color_to_mask_2" in the package.
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