Author Topic: Exporting large amount of UDIM's  (Read 2487 times)

My workflow with dealing with a large number of UDIM's. I work in 1k or 2k and in doing so helps performance on my work machine.
When I want to export, my export options are set to what I specified above. Now for my job I need to change them all to 4k, and when you have 20, 30 60 UDIM's changing all of them to 4k is daunting.

Perhaps have a check box for export all as 4k and manually change the ones you do not want at 4k if at all. Same for 1k, 2k less is more right? :D



Hi, you can't change them all at export time yet, but you can in the Texture Set settings before exporting:
Shift select all your UDIMs in the Texture Set list window, then change the resolution in the Texture Set Settings window.

but i want to keep my textureSets in a lower resolution for performance.
the problem is on the export time, its so time consuming change the exporting resolution of 30Udims one by one