Author Topic: Base color does not match User Color  (Read 1540 times)


I've got an issue where I have a fill layer with the base color channel set to a value (HSV: 0.138, 0.414, 0.900).  I have an added user channel (User3) with the same HSV values plugged in.  However, the User channel is significantly darker, and I don't understand why.

The color settings for the channels are the same, I do not have an active color profile, and I don't understand why there is a difference. 

See attached image for reference.

I am running Substance Painter 2019.2.2

Any ideas?

This likely happen because user channels are interpreted in linear space by default while the base color is in sRGB.
If you use this user channel in a custom shader, you may have to add a conversion as I don't believe you can change the color space of user channels at the moment.
There is a tag you can use when building Substance materials that may use this user channel ( but nothing when using plain colors in Painter.