Author Topic: Mask input Multicolor equalizer  (Read 886 times)

Oke this is a really simple question but I can't find it anywhere..

I want to mask out a part of the scans I made in the Multicolour equalizer and I've made a black and white image in photoshop but the node doesn't take the image as an input. The line is dotted red.

What kind of input does this node require?


A red dotted line means you're probably trying to connect a color image to a greyscale input (or vice versa, in other situations).
Either set the image to grayscale in photoshop (Image>mode>grayscale) or use a grayscale conversion node in substance designer.

Dank je wel!

That did the trick. I had to save a flattened Greyscale image for it to work. Might be useful to put this in the manual  ::)

Graag gedaan ;)