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This is an awesome update (I'm surprised there's no patch notes yet!)

Here are the highlights for me:

-the exporter is updated with support combine individual RGBA channels into one image, and to rename files
-there is a new file format called .spp, which saves your entire project into one file.. which is great for versioning

Such a great update, thank you!

P.S - for the exporter, it would be great to have a $filename expression in addition to $textureSet and $mesh! Is there any way to add in custom expressions like that?

where are you seeing this update? I still show 1.2.0 everywhere.

In my log window on SP it said updated to 1.2.1 Probably doesn't matter much.

I found the patch notes.

I'm now wondering if we can export all texture sets as one texture and include channels like AO as inputs. Also, I hope that really nasty padding is fixed. I can't even present the textures to a potential client or employer. Great update nonetheless

You can create a custom preset to export all the map as individual textures if you want. That's the purpose of the feature : to do what you want. I wrote a bit of documentation about them :
For the padding : we are thinking about multiple solutions for that. We will try to give more control about it in the coming versions of Substance Painter.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I was thinking about having a user mask determine the padding... that is a definite solution... :)

in 1.2 the rain particle preset doesn't work (paint) anymore. It simulates just fine, but no matter what the settings, the particles do not paint anymore on the surface, please confirm.

The rain presets works fine for me. Make sure the material you are suing has a very bright color to see if it's just an intensity issue.

I cannot check for updates . get the error message to check my internet connection.

Hello there, I'm new to Level design in general, so pardon me if my question seems rather basic.

Lets say I wanted to create a pbr material and publish it as an sbsar using b2m inside SD4, import it to SP and paint on my mesh inside SP. SP comes with a limited complement of shaders and my target is unity 4.6 (using lux or alloy).

So the effect I get using painter, once I export the maps to unity, the textures will look different with different shaders. So how do I solve this shader problem. Can I export unity shaders to SP? If so then how? Also how do I do the same for SD4?

Or is there any other way.

Question, I see Painter 1.3 is out, but I can't find any patch notes, where can I find this information?

P.S - I'm psyched about having the Bakers in Painter, thank you!

The problem with the update seems to be a bug. I get this message too. Disabled firewall and antivir. Nothing works. It always pops up with the message that I have to check my internet connection.
Is there a possibility to get the 1.3 update from the accounts page?
Yes, there is :)
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Could we get the change log for 1.3 and up please?


Hey guys,

the latest Release Notes are up.

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How can I Bake Material ID to ID Color Map in 1.3.4?
I Set ID baker parameter in Bake Texture to Polygroup/Submesh ID
It Still doesn't work for me
(Mesh ID Option too)

I export my mesh in Zbrush and 3D Max

* Mesh from 3D Max's Baked only one color
* Mesh from Zbrush's Baked Different color for Every Face