Author Topic: 8k export causing PC to restart  (Read 732 times)

Whenever I try to export 8k maps with hsl prespective colour correction and colour balance filter turned on my PC restarts.
I tried exporting 8k texture with those filter turned off but this time the PC didn't restart.
I was suspecting that maybe this is a hardware problem but I stress testing the whole system for an hour also I I played games for an hour but the PC didn't restart.
I cant tell if this is a recent problem on not. I never use dos filters while exporting 8k maps.
To me looks like my power supply fine but don't know why this is happening.
I also try different version of graphics Driver also tried updating Windows to the latest version.
Maybe I should mention that this restart is also happening in Blender when I am working with 4 Px volumetric tiles size and you everything is in Blender 2px is higher and 4px is lower but 2px tile size doesn't cause any restart.
Only this two thing is causing my PC to restart so that's why I am posting in both technical support.
It's been a month I am really messed up with this problem but still can figure out why this happening I also tried my graphics card and power supply on another PC and still PC restarted.
I am running Sapphire RX 590 8GB edition graphics card with thermaltake smart modular 630 watt power supply.
And core i5 6400 16 GB of RAM Gigabyte h110 ddr3 motherboard
I've also tried my graphics card on a 7th generation DDR3 gigabyte motherboard with core i5 7400 and 4GB of Ram

So also I cant tell if it's hardware to hardware compatibility issue.
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