Author Topic: Conversion mg_mask_editor to Mask Editor via Resource updater doesn't work  (Read 895 times)


I play with fire hydrant spp file from substance share and try to convert it from layering shader to metallic/roughness.
From the first look it's a simple task but I faced a lot of problems and incompatibilities which i cannot solve.
In this project I found a couple outdated generators, like mg_mask_generator.
I tried to update mg_mask_generator using Resource updater, but I found that it looses almost all generator settings during conversion - all the textures settings, ao, curvature, almost everything.
Then I restored all settings manually, they are the same in new Mask Generator.
But! The result is totally different and doesn't correspond old mg_mask_generator. Texture used in generator - Grunge Paint Scratched looks totally different. I see that texture scale and projection don't match.
So my questions are:
1. Why during resource update of the mg_mask_generator it looses all of it's settings? It definitely a bug which should be fixed.
2. What is the difference between old mg_mask_generator and new Mask Generator? (Exclude microdisplacement)
3. Why the same textures with the same settings look so different? Is the new Mask Generator uses different texture projection type? If so, could they be calibrated to behave the same way to achieve the same result?

You can test it using hydrant spp project from substance share.