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I would like to ask a few questions that I didnt find online. I would like to build a mobile game (iphone4 and higher). My question is Can i use substance painter for my assets? Is there any setting that i should change or pay attention when im painting mobile game asset? I saw only one mobile game where the graphics was made by subsance painter. They only used 2 fill layer for every game asset one darker and one lighter color With multiplied layers. Is that all substance painter can do for mobile game assets or ? My game engine is Unity. Sorry if my question a bit messy but hopefully you got a point.Thank your answears in advance.


Yes, just export as per Unity's requirements and make sure you use openGL normals. I work under the metal roughness workflow. However you can also use Spec Gloss:

Keep in mind you want to pay attention to your texture sizes for mobile. I have a special workflow for amazing visuals but that is outside of the scope here.