Author Topic: Scaling  (Read 85 times)

Look the substance source materials are expensive.

1) They don't fucking scale in 3ds max.
2) They often crash 3ds.
3) For all your plank materials, why why, limit their plank sizes. Wood strips come in all shapes and sizes. 

I don't know much about the 3DS Max integration as I don't work in the integration team, but regarding the plank issue there might be a solution for you.

As you have access to Substance Source it means that you also have access to Substance Alchemist.
There you have a "Parquet Pattern" genereator  which you can use with any wood material you want from Substance Source.
It is much more flexible than the individual materials from Source as the goal of the generator is to cover as many use cases as possible, so you will be able to have the size you want for your planks.
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