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So I painted this model. Everything is on one single UDIM tile but it's broken up into multiple texture sets. It seems almost inconceivable that this software would not be able to merge all the texture sets into one but unless I'm missing something, that's just how it is?

So I thought, ok. Well that's a pretty huge flaw but at least I can export all of the textures manually and merge them together in photoshop. When I go in and look at my exported maps though, they do not include any transparency. In the Substance Painter viewport they have gray backgrounds, and that is how they export as well. I've found that I can get the transparency included if I use the "export to photoshop button" but thats pretty clumsy and isn't a good system if you have 30+ texture sets like I do.

Am I missing something? Is there a simple way to do this?
Please advise. Thanks!

If you merge 30 texture sets into one what is the overall texture size? How is your texel density?

Even though Painter doesn't support painting across UDIMs, you would still have texture sets per UV tile space. Nobody is rendering out 30720 x 30720 single textures...

Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. I'm not looking to make a 30,000 pixel texture. I'm trying to combine all my texture sets into a single image.

I have one 3d object, but it's got four different textures on it. Lets say, cloth, leather, metal, plastic. The model has just one UDIM tile. I have painted it with a different texture set for each material (one texture set for cloth, one for leather, one for metal, one for plastic). Each texture set takes up about 1/4 of the total UV space but I want them all applied to the same model.

I can export each one of these texture sets as a separate map, but I don't want to do that because I'm going to have to make 4 different shaders in maya, going to have to wrangle all those different maps (if each one of my texture sets has diffuse, spec, roughness, normal and height that's 4 texture sets times 5 different maps. Now I have to wrangle 20 textures rather than one. All I want to to combine all my texture sets that are make one complete UV tile and merge them all together. The end texture should be 4096x4096.

How can this be accomplished?

There are a few ways to do this:

1. Use an image editor.

2. Make a plane that is cut to accommodate the amount of textures per single image. Import your textures and apply each one to a separate UV island, then when you export you'll have everything in a single texture file. (Still faster to use method 1)

3. Find a third party tool like:

At this time I don't know of any way Painter directly does this. We either have to work with separate images or utilize alpha channels if we don't want to use methods 1-3.

Yeah, I've looked into all those other options, and they just aren't feasible.

1 isn't really an option. I've got 30+ texture sets with 5 or 6 different maps for each. It might take me a full day to combine all of these different textures together manually. Maybe longer; who knows.

2 I'm not certain I understand what you're explaining here.

3 I've tried this tool and one other similar tool and they haven't worked for me. They are simple enough to use, but just don't seem to work correctly.

What a huge oversight in what could be an extremely useful piece of software. This is like...the first feature that should be built into a program like this. I am really really struggling to find the words to express how ludicrous it is that the software can't do what should be an extremely simple task.

Oh well. I guess we won't be using it.

The answer to why this is not a feature can be found here:,16732.0.html

Beyond that if Painter doesn't meet your needs then you'll have to seek other software.

Même si Painter ne prend pas en charge la peinture sur les UDIM, vous avez toujours des jeux de texture par espace de mosaïque UV. Personne ne rend des textures simples 30720 x 30720 ...audacity temp mail origin
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