Author Topic: Options for Normal Map Type Export and Channel Packing  (Read 2758 times)

This really could use Options for Normal Map Type Export and Channel Packing just like in Substance Painter. You have to manually flip the Green channel in a paint app to use the normal map in unity. And then I have to run everything through a Channel Packer if I am doing the HD or Universal Pipeline in Unity. I kind of expected this to have the same set-up you use in painter with profiles for Unity, Unreal, Redshift ETC....

The way it is now, it is actually slower then using Quixel Mixer.

This problem is getting me crazy too.

Flipping normals can be workarounded by using an adjustment layer, but this is ugly.

A global option to switch between DirectX and OpenGL normals is really important!
Creative mind at work...

With the 2020.1 version, you have now all the export presets to your 3D favorite software and you can create your own one if you need a specific set up.

We plan to add a global option to change the normal map format. No ETA yet.

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