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Hi all,

I am quite new to Painter and the whole PBR Topic. Right now I do some little basic models and want to texture them with painter to use them within Unity (4.6).

Right now I have a little problem to get the output working under Unity 4.6. Since there is no official PBR Shader from Unity, I would like to use Unitys Bump Specular Shader as well as the Lux Bump Sepecular PBR Shader. The exporter of Painter offers a lot of different formats, which should be all I need.

For the Unity Bump Specular Shader I use:
- Unity 4 output (Diff/gloss)
- Normal Map

For Lux Bump Specular Shader I use:
- Base Color
- Nomal
- Unity 5 output (Spec/gloss)

Results can be seen in the first picture. It seems, that the Unity 4 diff/gloss image is much more darker then the nomal diffuse. I think that is strange because the gloss information are stored in the alpha channel. Since there is only a Bump/Specular shader within Unity which uses the alpha (not a shader with a dedicated specular map input) I don't know how to modifiy.

I also attached a pic of the model within painter as well as a few maps (base color, spec, unity4diff channel, unity4 gloss channel, unity 5)

I would really appreceate some help re the problem. How do you setup your models for Unity 4 (without PBR)?

Thanks a lot!

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UPDATE: It seems, that the update to the new version 1.0.2 fixed the problem. There was one point saying, that the RGB values of the Unity 4 export were not correct.

Thanks allegorithmic Team for saving my day  ;D