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Hi all!

This is the first WIP of my entry for the X-TAON contest. When looking for ideas, I came across the metal flake car paint materials from Substance, and absolutely fell in love with them!

So I decided to base my design on trying to imitate the look of US lowriders sparkly car paint, and mix it up with a bit of science-related motifs to convey my own personal background.

These are some references and rough concepts:

And here is my progress so far, it's all been 100% Substance Painter for the moment:

I'll share more on the coming week hopefully, keep painting! ^^

Hi all,

I seem to have fallen behind with the sharing my WIPs part... sorry!
But it's been so hectic lately to just try to finish my entry. I'm done with the submission now, so I'll paste below some of the WIPs that I have accumulated throughout.


I worked out the main shapes for the stripes on the car, and then went into detailing each of them with borders, patterns, etc. to resemble the lowrider style of painting. I tried to make good use of the Car Paint shader to differentiate the distinct pats of the patterns by adding variation to the flake size and orientation (for example, using coarse flakes in the silver borders of the patterns to make them pop out, etc.).
As you can see, I actually kept it as a just shapes design with no decided colours for quite some time, until I decided at a later stage that I would go for the blue/purple colour scheme.
Then I chose a simple design for the wheels and other elements, that would keep distractions from the main piece to the minimum.

After all the work, here are the final renders!  :D

You can also find my Artstation entry for the contest HERE:

This was a very fun challenge to take, and I loved the design of the car, so a big shoutout to the designers and to Allegorithmic for making this possible ^^ I'm eager to see everyone's entries  :P

nice to know not only me who post late wip's  8), very great design!!

Really great work. Good luck!!

nice, my favourite so far