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Hi All,

I'm enjoying the XTAON contest - there are some really nice entries!
Here is some of my progress so far, I'm texturing while using live link from painter to Unreal engine.

Does anyone know exactly when on December 18th is deadline... I think I'll need every minute hehe...
Best of luck to all the other entries :)

Little album of progress so far

Really cool. Very graphic. I like your render

Very Cool. Looks like a Damascus Steel pattern. Good Stuff!

Take a ride in "Midnight" - my entry for the X-TAON art car competition. Watch it transforming in an explosion of neon under UV light.
Inspired by Synthwave and sporting a Substance node graph styled wrap.
Textures directly from Substance Painter - no  fancy shaders or detail mapping with the only exception being a fresnel falloff on the UV emissive paint. Realtime sequence created in Unreal Engine 4. Made while listening to TheMidnight.

More on my ArtStation:
4K Wallpapers on my Imgur:
Thanks for organizing the competition and providing the car - I learned a lot throughout :) Best of luck to all of the artists.

Some really good design element in your concept.  Well done.