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I just got an email from Paypal that I've paid for annual Indie subscription, amount: $239

On the front page your price is $219 with a big fat red stroke, with a black friday price of $149

Will there be justice?  :-X

I've sent an email as well, I'm writing this to see if others experienced the same and/or are aware.
Had I known there was a sale already (and not only limited to actual FRIDAY) I would've got it for $149 obviously. Hoping we can resolve this.

Same thing happen to me, I'm considering cancelling the charge on my credit cards end. Completely dishonest, I'm pretty sure I requested no auto-renewal as well and I originally purchased the license during last year's black friday sale, so I don't know why it renewed a day early at a price that's 20 dollars more than even the standard price!


Substance offers are subscriptions with auto-renewals, up to the moment you cancel them.
You subscribe last year to an offer, with rent-ro-own, with an annual price of $239. It was discounted for the first year, and then it auto-renews at $239.
You can cancel it at any moment in your account.

The prices displayed on the website are for a new offer, with no rent-to-own. You can cancel your current offer and benefit from the new one offered for Black Friday.

Please feel free to send an email at if you have any question regarding your account or a refund. Our team will be happy to help.

Head of Product Management

This is the reply I got on my email:
Thanks for reaching out. Your subscription is a legacy subscription for $239 per year with the buyout option to get perpetual licenses if you wish to when cancelling your subscription for $49. The current subscriptions don't have this buyout option. Indeed we are currently running a discount on the Substance yearly subscription for Black Friday but keep in mind that this subscription doesn't have the buyout option your subscription currently has.

So what you're saying is I'm paying $239 ($20 more than the currently regular subscription) to have the option to get a perpetual license for an extra $49? An option I don't use, since I'm already on subscription and I want to stay current with the latest release.

I don't see that as a benefit at all, honestly sounds more like trickery to me.  ???

What I’m saying is that the offer you subscribed to last year is different to the one we have this year.
Just cancel your offer and purchase the new one if you prefer it better :)

Feel free to reach if you need any help.

Head of Product Management

Just to be clear; terms have changed, and I am responsible for being informed? Puzzling. :o

I'll certainly think about it.

They were purchased by a different company since the last time we subscribed, it makes sense. I've emailed them and they are refunding the $239 and letting me purchase the $149. They will do the same for you. Pretty good resolution considering its Adobe. I honestly expected them to refuse to refund it.