Author Topic: Too many login attempts error. Twice a day.  (Read 3294 times)

I keep getting this error more than once a day, although I did not try to login at all, Substance Launcher is running in the background, and that's it.
What's the fix?

The app also keeps notifying me that it logged itself out because the server was unreachable. Come on guys, what's happening? Seriously.
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After Substance Launcher has finished auto-installing its last update, I get this as well. This was the only workstation on; it is installed on 3 workstations total so I can always use it depending on what I'm doing on my two main rigs (rendering, Phoenix FD sims, etc). I just turned off Run Substance launcher at startup on every system, thinking that maybe the other workstations were logging in and taking up the license, but they weren't even on.

It won't let me login at all no matter how long I wait and try again, but if I startup up Painter, all of a sudden it works?

I'll try my personal license at home this evening to see if I run into the same issue, which I have it installed on my laptop and two workstations as well.

I've been getting this a lot as well. I just started my computer this morning, and opened the Substance Launcher. As soon as it started I have the message, "Too many login attempts. Please wait and try to login later - (Error 429)". Even though I have not even tried to log in, that is what I get. I tried to close out the Launcher and try again, but I still get the same message. I discovered there is a background process running, so I force quit that, but even after restarting the Substance Launcher, I still get the error message.

Same here, not able to use any software or Substance source.


We now have a documentation page that explains what this error means and how to resolve it :

We are also looking into the issue as for why the error may appear so often for some people.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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