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I have created a project but where has it been saved?

When I open Alchemist and create a new project it doesn't ask where to save it, I need to save then in different locations.



They are saved in your AppData folder. Everything is automatically saved here and we strongly recommend to not move anything.

You can go to file > export project to export a .Alch file to the location of your choice.

Why do you need to save them to different locations?
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When backing up to server we need to keep all associated content together, it would be nice to be able to set the location for the project at the beginning. OK I can export a .alch file but will the appdata folder start to swell with left over project data?

yeah, not gonna lie, having an obscure location with your projects where they just stay forever under some weird file name and can't be deleted, not a fan. you end up with s**t like this

I agree with @attben.  It is not clear to me why the developers thought this was a good approach to project management.  I have never used an application in the 3d world that does this.  Are there any plans to provide for better management of projects (i.e., rename, delete, move, etc.)?

I am having a similar problem, I didn't change any folder location, but when I click open project I can only see recent projects, and when I  click import file to load one of my previous saved project,  this link open, C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist

but the project folders are not there

all the project files in C:\Users\Pin\AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\createdMaterials

 folder as json. but I can not open them.

So how can I access and open them?

Hello Pinarer,

Clicking "open project" should list all the projects you created in Alchemist, not only recent ones. If you try to open a project you created on another machine, then, you should use "import project" instead and look for the .alch file.

I can ensure you all the complaints you make about project management has been heard. It's a huge piece of work, but we'll find ways to ease all this in future releases.


any update on this topic?

I see it's still managed automatically in 2021?


It will be included in the future major release of Alchemist.
For now no release date can be communicated.

Thank you

Being able to define a Project location would be very useful. Over time the projects folders can fill up and eat up precious space on SSds