Author Topic: Glass material all white, no transparency  (Read 3797 times)


Downloaded clear glass from Substance Source but when I apply the material to my mesh it appears white.

Apologies if this is a basic question, I'm new to both UE4 and Substance...


Some of the glass materials require that you bake an Opacity map as well as the other maps. You may also need to change to the pbr-metal-rough-with alpha blending shader.

Thank you for your reply - I'll try and work that out with my limited knowledge.

It's a little frustrating - I subscribed to Substance Source under the impression that the materials would be ready to go, but now to hear about the glass as well as displacement of other materials is really annoying, doesn't help with the workflow at all.

Hi @ezy_naidoo

I would advise you to watch this video, it is a 13-minutes tutorial which shows how to use Substance Source
Around 8 min it shows how to use the height of Source materials in UE4 and using tesselation and displacement.

PO @ Allegorithmic