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So i did a fresh install of windows then substance, and since then iv been unable to work properly with files on the network drive. I can still open and save substance files to the drive, but cannot import pngs or export textures to the drive. I can however do these things on my local drive. I was also able to do this before the fresh install.
Ive looked at the common issues thread by Froyok, but the miscellaneous section about network path was of no help.
Tried a few administration options but with no luck 

This image shows the import error i got after using the import tool in file menu.

This image shows the import error i got drag dropping from network drive.

Any tips on how to get around this?
Also Ive got my nework drive mapped properly
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The location where you are trying to save your project is a network path, not a mounted path.
If it was mounted it would register under a specific letter under Windows. Like "C:/My Export Folder". You current export path is "//my export folder" which we don't support. You can see it in the log window and the log file.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Okay, the link I found about that in FAQ took me to a guide for mapping a network drive. Which i thought i had done. Ill give it another look and see where i went wrong.

For anyone that might have a similar issues, I figured out what i was doing wrong.

I had made all my windows quick access pins to the relevant drive location before i mapped the drive. Thus when i used those quick access links i was going via the //file rather than the N:/File. At least i think thats what happened.
Is working now, with the new pin quick access shortcuts things.
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