Author Topic: Normal Map Artifacts (SOLVED)  (Read 14069 times)

Good afternoon guys! :)
 I was hoping that some one could shed some light on my baking issues

I’ve tried adding some more geo to the problem areas where the artifacts are showing but nothing I’ve tried seems to work.
I’m not sure if my unwrapping may have something to do with it.

Both Lo and Hi poly are included

Using Substance Painter ver. 2019.2.3

Baking configurations

OUTPUT SIZE - 2048 x 2048px
Dilation Width - 5
Apply Diffusion – checked

Max Frontal Distance -0.01
Max Rear Distance -0.01

Antialiasing – SuperSampling 8X8
Match -Always
Low/High poly mesh Suffix *unchanged*

*Every other mesh map is set to default*

Everthing Looks fine from a distance but...


this detail baked out nicely from the High poly

link to the Hi poly
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most of this is simply a matter of texture resolution, at 4k it will have less baking artefacts

the skewing of the i.e. bolts is a result of baking with averaging on, here is a thread about the topic:

That wasn't the problem actually, after doing some research it came down to that the mesh wasn't scaled properly after some heavy modifications eg: retop, adding edges and more geo etc..

So in 3dsmax I've used the " reset Xform" button (not the modifier) but the button in the tab w/ the wrench and that corrected everything (the maya equivalent is Freeze transforms or delete history).