Author Topic: Unable to get perpetual license ?  (Read 7143 times)

Hi, I have a Substance Indie yearly subscription (prepaid for 1 year) which expires on 26.11.2019.
Today, I returned to my account subscriptions page in order to cancel & pay the $49 fee to get the perpetual
license - which I should be entitled too.

However, my license is already marked as "cancelled by user on 20/11/2019". The "cancel & get perpetual" link has vanished.
How do I get my Perpetual license now ?
I already paid for the full year in advance for my current license and should be able to get the perpetual at $49 now ?

Can you please advise how to proceed ?

Please contact us at so we can look into it.

This was corrected successfully & quickly with the help of support.

Thanks  :)