Author Topic: Strange Lines Of Some Mesh Parts  (Read 4562 times)


I'm a relative newbie to Painter. I've started a new project, imported a low poly mesh. It displays correctly before I bake.

Under the bake settings, the only things I've altered are:


+ Colour source as material colour


+ specified a high poly mesh My low poly mesh has all layers named NAME_low, and the high poly is the exact same file, but with all mesh items named NAME_high)

+ I also set Match as 'By Mesh Name'

Everything bakes correctly, without errors, but after baking two of the meshes appear with weird stripes on them.

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thank you

You don't provide enough information. Show your mesh UVs and what your baked textures looks like on the mesh (by switching the view mode of the viewport) for example.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thanks for the quick reply Froyok.

I've found the issue. On the problems parts, there were some missing parts of the UV's. Also I'd unwrapped some parts flat that has an inside and an outside, so SD didn't like where the 'inside' part was.

All good now though!