Author Topic: Where is the EULA?  (Read 4415 times)

Hi, the old page for the EULA is no longer available (dead link, 404). Could someone please provide the link to the correct page please? I couldn't see any information on the Legal page on the terms of use of materials from Substance Source, which is what I'm looking for.


Head of Product Management

Thank you Nicolas. It's not clear to me however the terms of use of content e.g. can anyone use materials that are shipped with Substance software, or obtained from Substance source to texture assets for commercial use? Also is it permitted to modify materials to create custom materials for commercial use (texturing assets, shaders etc.).

Could you provide some clarity please? Apologies if this info is elsewhere. If you could point me in the right direction that would great:)


Yes, the only restricted use would be selling straight Source content or content shipped with the tools as part of an asset pack for example, but as long as you use or modify these materials to build something else, you're good to go.