Author Topic: Missing Normals maps - Cataphote Rear Wave Dents  (Read 1507 times)

Can somebody explain to me, why all the Normal Maps are missing for the Car Materials?

For example:
Cataphote Rear Wave Dents

Why are materials in Substance Source promoted if a lot of them have missing maps?
Even when downloading the .sbsar file and loading them into the Player, etc.
The presets don't create the normals maps.
And the normal maps are missing.

Can somebody please explain me why?
Or what the heck am I missing here?  :P


Hi Teaguevr,

There are a few materials on Source (60 or so), mostly car paints, which are MDL materials.
This format is a shader that allows you (where it is possible to use it) to have effects that you can't have with a regular materials. This is useful for a few types of materials, such as iridescence, or adding tiny flakes. Here it is usefull for adding a clear coat on top of the material.

Here there is an option to add the cataphote in the normal in case you don't use the MDL format. However you won't have that clear coat effect by using only the sbsar.

PO @ Allegorithmic

In Painter here are the steps to take:

PO @ Allegorithmic