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Hi everyone,
I've stopped using substance painter for a few months and now I'm facing this trouble.
Probably it's just a configuration problem but I'm unable to solve this by myself and it's frustating me a lot.

I've got a simple scene with a cube and I'm not seeing any texture in painting mode.
After 4/5 hours looking arround and playing with all kind of configurations of the viewport scene, display settings, changing the models, the UV of the models, cleaning the modifications of the meshes, unwraping the UV in all the UV sets trying to view some changes, and so one ... I've see that rendering mode is showing the strokes painted in painting mode, so painting mode is updating the textures...
Can someone help me with this issue?

I'm attaching an image showing the viewport in the painting mode (left side) and the rendering mode (right side).
Edit: I've added the original scene I wanted to paint for more samples.
Thanks for the help
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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This is the log of the cube scene.

Integrated GPUs are, in most cases, not really suitable for use with modern 3D applications. Check Painters minimum system requirements. Upgrade your hardware.

Sometimes I'm just so dumb...
Sorry, when I've saw all the log file filled with Intel graphics and that 100mg of vram I've switched to dedicated gpu.
The scene is updating properly with that.

Sorry for the post.
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