Author Topic: Random Seed / Random Function raising value not random  (Read 428 times)

When using a random function inside an opacity variable, the random function simply increases the opacity rather than choosing random values.
I've tried hooking up the random seed, or changing global seed but the same occurs. The higher the random seed, the higher the opacity.
Am I doing something wrong ? I'm trying to get the global random seed ( or local ) to randomize the opacity setting in a node graph.

I just tried the same and got the same results. This seems like a bug.

Here's a workaround:
1. Copy your function to a 'value processor' node (Random does work correctly here)
2. Select the blend node and give it a new input value (yellow arrow below) and plug in the value processor.
3. It will now be possible to expose the opacity to this new input (red arrow below)

Last Edit: November 19, 2019, 03:51:19 pm

Thanks Eggfruit for the concise explanation, all working correctly now !
Hopefully this gets fixed in future builds.