Author Topic: Any possibility of a "per-pixel painting" feature being added?  (Read 3825 times)


I've been trying to replicate an art-style of fairly low-poly models with pixelated textures. I recently discovered how amazing you can make them look by adding some basic PBR maps. This has worked amazingly in Designer, where I've created virtually all of my materials in this manner, by simply tweaking the shader config. files to switch the viewport filtering to "nearest", but this doesn't seem to be an option in Painter. For example, you can already do exactly what I'm talking about in 3DCoat by simply checking off the linear filtering setting. And as much as I love 3DCoat, I feel like the art-style of my game would flow a lot better if both the materials and textures were made in Substance. I've seen a few people ask about this before, but I don't haven't found a very concrete answer. Anyone else curious about whether or not it's possible for something like this to be implemented? I'm obviously not an expert, so maybe you guys can help me out!

To clarify, here's a few examples of what I'm talking about:

Seriously, imagine how many amazing things you could do with something like this!