Author Topic: Export Preset: Allow exporting plain value (Black/White/Grey) in maps channels.  (Read 1723 times)

When you are using more complex shaders, you sometimes reserve some of your channel's texture for a function that is not always used or necessary.

For example, Unity's HDRenderPipeline default Lit shader has a MaskMap setup like this:
Red: Metallic
Green: AO
Blue: Detail Map Mask
Alpha: Smoothness

In this example, I always want the blue channel to be white by default, there is no way to set that up in the Export Preset.
Right now, the only way I found is to add a texture channel to my spp file, fill it white in one of my layers, and set this new channel as the value used for my MaskMap's blue channel.
But it is a setting I need to do for every single Substance Painter file I create.

It would be a lot easier if the Export Presets would allow simply hooking up a plain color value White/Black/Neutral grey to one of the exported texture channels.

Like this:

This feature would probably be quite easy to add I imagine.

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