Author Topic: Tile sampler overlapping issue  (Read 1456 times)

Hello everyone

I am working on a procedural material of plastic button inside substance designer (As you can see in the image below).I have finished working on its shape but when i plug my shape in the tile sampler node and tried to blend them upside down to create a pile of buttons , there i faced an overlapping issue.I tried to change the blending mode from max to Add/Sub or vice versa in the blending mode of tile sampler node but still overlapping problem occurs. Kindly help me to solve out this issue.


I had this same problem when I was trying to make some scales. Kind of the same principle. The issue is stacking. You need an alpha channel to layer things on top of one another. So you'll have to use a tileSamplerColor node. The only solution I could come up with is to use two of them with identical settings. One for the height and stacking and one fro the color.

It not perfect and having the two nodes having to be the same is clunky but it works for far to mid-distance. When you get up close you can see that the buttons are not actually changing height as they lay on top of one another.

Hope this helps.