Author Topic: Help using some of these filters  (Read 1153 times)

Hi.  There is no documentation covering the following Scan Processing Filters:
  • Clone Patch
  • Crop
  • Tile
  • Make It Tile Advanced
  • and also the new Content Aware Fill
See post:,31315.0.html

Can you please provide technical support on how to use these filters?



We will work on the documentation in the future for those filters. Meanwhile, here a quick overview:

Clone Patch
Usage: Remove an area by another in the material. Similar to the clone tool in Photoshop.
Add the Clone Patch layer, select the source you want to copy with Alt + Left Click and start painting the area you want to remove. You can play with the Threshold in the Edge group to adjust how to blend your patch with the current material.

Usage: Crop your material to the size you want
Add the Crop filter. In the 2D view appears the bounding box widget you can adjust. What you see in the 2D view is the output of the crop. You have the option to define the filtering method (how the material is rescaled to your output resolution after the crop).

Usage: Make your material seamless
Add the Crop filter. In the 2D view appears the bounding box widget you can adjust. Adjust the area you want to make tile. It will cut along the edges to make the material tiles. You can adjust the threshold parameter and the blur parameter to adjust the area around the seams

Make It Tile Advanced
Same as Tiling, it's another method to make the material seamless but with a different algorithm

Content-Aware Fill
Almost the same as the Clone Patch, but you don't need to select the area you want to copy. You just need to paint the area you don't want and the algorithm will find the relevant data in the material to fill the area you painted.

I hope it will help you a bit. If you have more precise questions, don't hesitate to ask in this thread.
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