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The story
A small escape pod makes its way through space. Just escaped a battle in which his mother ship, the “Arc Hammer” was destroyed. Inside a high-ranking officer with secret documents for a combat suit that will change the future of the galaxy. On the documents the letters “Darktrooper 2013″…

Mid of 2019 I’ve received an e-mail inqiery to create a cg charakter for a private person.

I was sceptical, because I get a lot of this kind of e-mails regularly. The most requests come from individuals who underrate the work and aren’t able to finance such a project.

People are spoiled with high end computer graphics every day today, but they don’t really know how much work it still needs to create cg on a movie level. And let be honest: everyone wants a high quality char like in the cinema?

But this situation was different. My client knew, it became time consuming and we agreed on a good price. Additionally I love the Star Wars universe since I was a child and this project was a great way to show my computer graphics competence to the public. In the end I’ve invested more time than needed into this project but it was worth it.

Used apps and their tasks
The most parts of this project were created in Blender 2.8, but Substance Painter was used to create all material textures. I’ve prepared the following list of all the applications, I’ve used for this project:

  • Final hard surface modeling
  • Additional sculpting
  • UVs (UVpackmaster Addon)
  • Materials
  • Rigging (Rigify Addon)
  • Rigid body simulation
  • Landscape, rocks and trees (Sapling Tree Addon)
  • Final Compositing

  • Conceptional sculpting
  • Pre-retopology for final hardsurface modeling in Blender

Substance Painter
  • Texturing

Marvelous Designer
  • Cloth simulation

The whole article
If you like, you can visit my website for an in detail blog article I wrote about this project with a lot of more infos, how I did it. Click here to: read the article.

Insight video
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