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Dear all,

I'm kind of new with Maya and 3D in general. I modelled a character in Zbrush and afterwards I painted it in Substance painter. I want to bring all the textures to Maya now... I researched a bit and found that the best solution is to install "Substance in Maya" plugin... although I downloaded it and Installed it, it doesn't seem to appear in Maya (it's the correct version for my Maya version). I don't find any tutorial in how to install it correctly, could someone enlighten me?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Claudia,

After installing the plugin, you will have to enable it in the Maya plugin manager. You can get there on the taskbar by going to Windows, then Settings/Preferences and then Plug-in Manager.

In there, you should find the files for the Substance plugin.

Here is what it looks like on MacOS:

When it is up and running, there is a shelf button to apply workflows to images from Painter, and that may be of use to quickly set up the shader network. It contains some utilities for that, but the main thing it is meant to do is handle dynamic materials from Substance Designer.

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