Author Topic: 3D View > Material > Default > Edit > Height > Scale ????  (Read 7057 times)

Hey Internet,

I hoping someone can explain the function and utilization of the scale option in the menu:

3D View > Material > Default > Edit > Height > Scale   (tessellation mode)

When I play around with the setting in Substance designer it seems to make the height\Normal maps more evident on my base mesh in the 3D View.

However when I export an SBSAR file to use within Unreal this scale factor does not seem to be taken into account and my texture does not have them same depth or feel that it does when viewing it in Substance designer.

I thought of trying to ''expose'' this option before publishing my SBSAR but it does not seem to be possible to do this?

This is scale set to 0

This sis scale set to 5

How my texture looks in Unreal. Very similar to a scale factor of 0. I want it to look like it does when I have a scale factor of 5....How can I achieve this??

Hey James,

thanks for the link, helped a lot!!

Got a side question that maybe you could help me with....

When I got the material setup done in Unreal and applied it to a basic BSP Geometry wall the quality of the displacement is really bad.

I'm still not really achieving the same or even comparable results as seen in the Substance Designer view port.

Do I have to have models with actual geometry for displacement to work or am i missing something to make it work on the BSP geometry in unreal ???