Author Topic: sbsrender all the presets  (Read 14058 times)

is there an option to render ALL the resets in an sbsar? I know I can provide the preset name and render, but want to batch convert a folder of sbsar files and all the preset they have


As you've discovered, there's no direct way to render every single preset.

You could pre-process the sbs files by running them through pysbs and retrieving all available presets for the graph/graphs, then creating a sbsrender job for each preset. This way it's fully dynamic and you don't have to query or define the presets manually.

- Create a list of all sbs files available in folder
- For sbs_file in sbs_file_list:
    - Run pysbs and extract list of presets from graph/graphs
    - For preset_name in preset_list:
        - sbsrender --input sbs_file --use-preset preset_name ...