Author Topic: Does Perpetual No Longer Exist?  (Read 130 times)

Sorry if this is common knowledge, but I'm having a hard time finding a solid answer. I purchased a perpetual license to Substance Designer back in April. It's great, I love it, and now I was hoping to do the same with Substance Painter. However I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase a perpetual license.

The link that I used to purchase Designer back in April ( now seems to redirect to the subscription page. I don't see any options on that page to purchase a perpetual license though. Based on relatively recent responses I have seen on this board though, it sounds like it's still something that is offered. Am I just looking in the wrong place? Where do I go to purchase this?


(From what I've read it sounds like there is some kind of conversion that happens after 12 months of the subscription, but I also saw this post where Jeremie said you can buy perpetual at any time. If someone could point me in the direction of how to do that, I would be very grateful!)
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