Author Topic: How to export EXRs that arent in sRGB color space? (for Maya/VRay usage)  (Read 36 times)

Hello! I am using Substance with the intent of exporting maps for use in VRay (a VrayMTL material) using the Vray preset in the exporter.

We're hitting an annoyance when using EXR as our texture export mode.

When we import the EXRs to Maya, they initially get set to "RAW" colorspace, which is correct. This works perfect for things like Glossiness, ior, and Normals, but the color textures, Diffuse and Reflection, only look correct if we read them in as sRGB color space (and apply the corresponding VRay texture input gamma attribute and set that to sRGB as well)

This is a lot of steps depending on the number of UDIMS or materials involved. I've tried setting the texture set's Diffuse channel to RGB8 instead of sRGB8, and also tried RGB32F, but both of these still export in sRGB color space, requiring us to set that in Maya every time.

Is there something we're missing or is there no way to export linear EXRs for color channels, or reverse whatever baked in sRGB space is applied before export?

Note that I cant attach a log file, since our workstations have no internet access for security reasons.