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I'm wondering what the best approach would be to texture this scene in Painter. It was created in (& will be rendered with) Max & VRay GPU.

The final render will be 5k. I have a reasonable idea of how to go about it but any suggestions on workflow, setup etc.. will be appreciated.

Thanks, N

Use Substance Designer, create seamless materials, then vertex paint and blend with masking, or just apply them per section in your other application and render.

Using a single texture at 5k for that entire scene is going to look horrible. Otherwise you can figure out your desired texel density and scale all UVs and split them into different sets. A lot of work.... and not desirable.
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I was going to seperate the geometry out by material and have 4k textures with Udims for the more complex areas eg; road, footpath, sandstone block etc.. and single 4k textures for the less complex geometry.

Usually I would get the shaders the way I wanted them in max & vray but needed to add dirt, grunge, imperfections etc but it's not easy to do this in max - unless there's a plugin, script or technique that I'm unaware of. Painter seems to be a good solution to this although it adds a significant amount of time to the process.

There is a plugin for max called RichDirt, this is essentially what I am trying to create. I use VRay GPU but it doesn't work with it;
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