Author Topic: Seams in roughness channel on every UV shell  (Read 941 times)

Hi, I'm working on a model that has visible roughness seams anywhere there is a UV seam.

In Maya, I unlocked normals then smoothed normals.  I attached the fbx file. Thank you.

I have the same problem  :-\

This is due to your topology. Even if I take your mesh in blender and use a view-port matcap it shows the same result. When I fix up the topology it goes away.

View your mesh without smoothing groups and you'll see your faces are not even:

If you fix that issue you'll get a smoother look:

If I make something from scratch 100% even I still get a smooth result with smoothing groups:

But if I have uneven sections I get this (with smoothing):

(without smoothing)

I believe this is your issue.
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