Author Topic: "Play Tiling" Feature  (Read 1583 times)

This is just a feedback about the new "feature" in the Tiling section. The fact that as you move your mouse cursor to click on the slider handle...

... At the last second it turns into this:

... And as you click you now have lost control over what's happening with the slider as it automatically scrolls to the right.

In other words, moving a UI element just as the user is about to click on it isn't really a desirable behaviour and is as best annoying, at worst quite disruptive to the workflow.

I would please urge you move the "play" button away from the slider handle itself so that it remains there as you click on it.

This "Play" icon should appear only when you press Ctrl and hover a slider.
It shouldn't appear in other conditions.

Once the animation is activated, you can press "P" to stop it.
Substance Alchemist Product Manager