Author Topic: Substance 2019.1.0 is released!  (Read 5112 times)


With this new version, we're introducing:
- project management: Share your library and materials to your friend and colleagues
- A completely new layer stack: more intuitive, more clear, more simple and ready to support all future features
- huge collaboration with Labs: New Delighter + Content-Aware Fill
- Welcome Screen
- Viewport controls and information improvement
Full release note here:

Note: Content produced with the beta version 0.8.1 or older is not compatible with version 2019.1. However, nothing is lost and this data can still be accessed by launching version 0.8.1.
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Congratulations on the release.

What is the process for removing or deleting a Project? Docs don't seem to shed any light on this.
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Dear Alchemist Team,

before subscribing I wanted test the final version 2019.1.0.
But this is impossible, because I have tested an EARLY BETA version.
So it would be fair to the users, to test the FINAL version before making the subscription.
I only plan to subscribe because of Alchemist. I have already a license for Designer and B2M to work with.
I hope you will understand this and you offer the possibility to test the final version again for all users and you will reset the activation for the Beta..

Best Regards
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So, no way to purchase Alchemist? It's only available through subscription?


Right - subscription only. There are several threads where this has been addressed and answered.  ;)