Author Topic: Sarawarreik's Nodevember Party  (Read 3915 times)

I join to Nodevember as a challenge to complete at my own rhythm but all inside this month.
I will have fun doing this challenge mostly on weekend.

Day 1)


Description: Fine bridge between areas of influence.

So I was not completely happy with result and I add a variation this result from my point of view is more beautiful:

The second image is in vector style.

Nodevember Party Day 2:


Space Era come together with new architecture planet society.
This is visible from far away in Galax. Earth planet light of hope for different species.

Any question about why I use these nodes? or You want to share your thoughts?

And Yes I use again the same structure node with new nodes and some variations, maybe for a personal challenge evolving one node structure in different days but for sure I will post different nodes structures.

Stay tune, stay cool.

Nodevember party all day long.

Day 3. Waterfall.

Description: antigravity waterfall source, fluent through new directions.

This time I want to achieve some kind of water drop at my own style.

So basically my style is create inequal patterns.

Questions are very welcome.