Author Topic: Zuna's Nodevember  (Read 14244 times)

Hey guys! Vinny posted in the Discord that we could make our threads for our Nodevembers here, so here I go.

I'm a 3D character artist, and I don't really use Substance Designer much, but I thought this could be a good chance to use it more, learn, and share. I don't know if I'll do it everyday, but I'm certanly going to try to do so. I'll post one render of my material, of the daily prompt, each day. Once more, I don't use Designer much, so don't expect amazing materials, actually likely the opposite.

Here's Day 1: Bridge...! In which I decided to make the wooden planks of a bridge.

I hope to see you guys' work too!
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Day 2: Space. So here's an asteroid.

Day 3: Waterfall. I decided to make the material of the typical wet rocks and stones you'd find around and inside a waterfall, with the slippery algae and all.

Today's prompt was Air. Here's a feather I just made! Really basic.

Forgot to share yesterday's! It was Symbiose. So I made some lichen on a rock. The idea is that the background can be changed to whatever!